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Magnet Plant Hire Limited operate as an independent plant hire company, located in Stoke Pound the company offer an extensive range of excavators with associated attachments, dumpers and general plant for hire.


Micro: For use when space is at a premium, this machine with its micro dimensions enables it to pass through a normal door entrance (750mm), the tracks expand for added stability when digging to a dig depth of 1755mm.

Mini (1.7Ton):  Suitable for most applications, with a dig depth of 2390mm and reduced tail swing allowing operators to work and rotate right up to walls without potentially damaging the machine. These machines offer easy operator controls, and comfortable operator canopy, equipped with quick hitch, changing buckets is speedy and easy.

3.0 Ton: Powerful yet compact machine for this popular 3 tonne weight class with its short tail swing makes it perfect for ground works, landscaping and earth moving applications. With a dig depth of 2560mm and track width of 1400mm it is built for confined working spaces and tight corners.

5.0 Ton With great digging performance with minimum tail swing this machine is ideal for those larger jobs, foundations, breaking concrete, general site works or site clearance. This machine has a maximum dig radius at 6240mm a dig depth of 3900mm and a dump height of 4350mm

There are a range of attachments available for hire with these machines.

Hydraulic Augers
Rake Buckets
Stump Planer


High Lift Track Dumpers: Great for tight confined areas, like the micro diggers these will fit through a standard door width, with a foot plate and two speed tracking these are ideal when lifting spoil into a skip.

1 Ton High Lift: With 4WD and centre articulation these take the manual labour out of site work.

3 Ton-Swivel: With 4WD and swivel skip these offer great versatility and are a must for site clearance

6 Ton Swivel: 4WD with swivel tip skip great for those larger muck-shift jobs          

We also hire Rollers, Wackers, Mixers, Rotavators. Visit for more details.                 

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